Saturday, October 16, 2010


time pagi-pagi jak my bie ada d rumah, hemmm~ then evening dia pulang. one more thing, me check dia pnya hp.. so many new numbers.. hurmm suspicious betul. he also changed my name on his mobile phone. dulu MY WIFE.. but now MY PINK.. hemm apala tu.. also my old number he changed to PINKY K.B.. is it mean than his LOVE to me dah berkurang? hemm well anyway apa-apa pun just let it go.. walaupun he did not love me anymore, but i still want to carry on. as long that i can stand.. right now i can see every dark side of him also sometimes i hate him. well LOVE IS BLIND.. huargghhh~!!!! Life must go on.... no matter what happen...

p/s: i hate my cousin so much... NERD~!

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