Monday, January 31, 2011

i luv to hate u...


duty d luyang.. n then tym rest, around 12 la ( hehe saja rest awal ) me and kak norsiah pg lunch d restoran sri rezki.. me ordy told him dat i was going there... aftr finished ate.. me with kakak berjalan-jalan la pg tengok2 brg... but apabila mau mlintas jalan nda sdar yg hp bbunyi bcoz it's silent!!! wen arriving infront of d lift bru la sedar... but then he accusing me cheating~!!!!! WTF~! aku jalan bagus2 x menyundal sana sini yg senang2 jak tduh2 tu apa?! don't too proud with urself dear coz x semestinya kau to betul~! so plz lah~! plzzz~! i'm begging u to stop accusing me and... stop off hp~! so childish~! wtf~! x sdar diri lngsung~! GROW UP!!! my bie~!!! frm jam 12.39 until now~!!! x on hp lg... argghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking bullshit...~!  IMBECILE~! just wanna kick him badly~! 

me sincerly,

Thursday, January 27, 2011


hurmm... today i feel so uncomfortable... yes i escape from work today.. because of i dunt hv MONEY~!!!! wahhhh life is so hard without money.. but tx god bcoz my elaun out today.. wawawa~ but... with my bf... he so controlling me about my own money... can u imagine dat when i want to buy a bra.. it only costs 9.99$... but he dunt want me to buy 1~!!!! heloooo~!!!! i only has 2 bra left...!!! arghhhh~!! so frustrating...he is controlling me money~!!! i cant imagine dat i fell in luv wit a man like dat... hurghh~! so so.... f**king sh*t... huh~